A multifuel stove is one

which is designed to

burn wood, but also

solid fuels such as coal,

anthracite, charcoal,

briquettes or smokeless

fuels. If you have a multi

fuel stove, you can still

use it as a log burner

wood burner etc, but you

have the option to burn

solid fuels when wood is

not available. Solid fuels

can burn slower, and for

longer, and produce more

heat. This makes them

ideal for overnight burning

so most people will prefer

a multi-fuel stove if given

the choice.

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The Hastings 12kw Multi-Fuel Stove

The Hastings 12kw Multi-Fuel Stove
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The Hastings 12kw

A new model for 2012 this is for those with a larger are to heat. It is a 12Kw multi fuel, wood burning stove.



This practical two door stove allows you to heat your home for less and will be the spotlight of your room. This is one of our most popular stoves due to the two door design that makes loading fuel and viewing the fire a delight.

With simple controls, you can open and shut the doors with ease of access for fuel and the air vents are easy to use to control the flow of air assisting in the burning control of your fuel choice. This stove would be a lovely addition to any fireplace, modern or traditional.



The multi fuel stove is made from thick cast iron allowing the stove to radiate heat for much longer than stoves with thinner castings. These wood burning stoves are also made entirely from mineral cast iron and not re-melted scrap like many others. This gives the wood burning stove a much less chance of cracking in the future.

Features of the Hastings

• The stove has many features that you would expect from a stove twice or three times its price

• It includes a stunning airwash system that pushes hot air onto the glass helping the glass to stay clean and clear of smoke stains.

• The cast iron stove come with external ash riddler that helps stoke up the fire in morning

 • The Hastings is a multi fuel stove and comes complete with cast iron grate, steel ash pan, tool for ash pan and required air flow fittings.

• The multi-fuel stove also comes with ceramic fire brick lining and heat reflector plate.

This cast-iron multi fuel stove also has the potential to burn over night



Height: 24 inches, 610mm

Width: 24 inches 605mm

Depth: 15 inches, 380mm

Distance from the floor to the centre of the rear flue outlet: 18 inches, 455mm

Distance from the back of the stove to the centre of the top flue outlet 5.1 inches, 130mm


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