A multifuel stove is one

which is designed to

burn wood, but also

solid fuels such as coal,

anthracite, charcoal,

briquettes or smokeless

fuels. If you have a multi

fuel stove, you can still

use it as a log burner

wood burner etc, but you

have the option to burn

solid fuels when wood is

not available. Solid fuels

can burn slower, and for

longer, and produce more

heat. This makes them

ideal for overnight burning

so most people will prefer

a multi-fuel stove if given

the choice.

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The Falcon 5kw Multi-Fuel Stove

The Falcon 5kw Multi-Fuel Stove
Product Code: The Falcon 5kw multi-fuel stove
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The Falcon 5kw Multi-Fuel Stove


Elegant and affordable.

This beautifully engineered mult-fuel stove with its plain design, and large pane of glass will act as a great and attention grabbing feature of any home.

Efficient overnight burn. This stove is so efficient and air tight it has been known to burn for 13 hours straight on one load. This is a testament to the stoves design.5 mm thick steel top that will never CRACK!

Stove Features

Efficiency, 75.3%
150mm top and rear flue
Primary, secondary and airwash system
Huge combustion chamber
Multi fuel grate include for the occasional burning of coal.
Top, sides, back and base all lined with thick, high quality vermiculite bricks
Plain sides
Chrome handle
Well engineered door that locks tight
Deep over night burn
Large pane of German schott glass
Large ash pan, heat proof glove and user manual
height; 635mm
width 470mm
depth; 400mm


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