A multifuel stove is one

which is designed to

burn wood, but also

solid fuels such as coal,

anthracite, charcoal,

briquettes or smokeless

fuels. If you have a multi

fuel stove, you can still

use it as a log burner

wood burner etc, but you

have the option to burn

solid fuels when wood is

not available. Solid fuels

can burn slower, and for

longer, and produce more

heat. This makes them

ideal for overnight burning

so most people will prefer

a multi-fuel stove if given

the choice.

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The Derbyshire 9kw Multi-Fuel Stove

The Derbyshire 9kw Multi-Fuel Stove
Product Code: The Derbyshire 9kw Multi-Fuel Stove
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The Derbyshire 9kw Multi-Fuel Stove

If you are looking for a multi-fuel stove with a bigger heat output, but prefer a single door design. This fantastic 9kw Derbyshire model could be for you.

Larger output multi-fuel stoves usually have two doors but this one has a single door with a classic "leaded" design so it still gives you a great view of the fire and plenty of space to load bigger pieces of wood and other fuels in its copiously spaced burning chamber. As well as all our stoves it is fully CE certified, guaranteed for 12 months.

A single fill of fuel can last for up to 8 hours. The Stove can be either top or rear flued and is fitted with the "Airwash" system.

Cleaning is simple and the stove comes complete with the legs and the flue adaptor included as well as a full instruction manual. We also carry most of the spare parts in stock in case you have any need to replace any.

The side of the stove has a very smart design feature which makes it more attractive if not in a recessed hearth or fireplace.

The stove is cast iron and can be repainted using heat resistant metallic paint if you want to rejuvenate it's look in future years.



Height 63cm

Width 44cm

Length 39cm

Weight 80kg



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